Fashion Sumer ~ "ZAFUL" ♡

Hi, babies! preparing for summer? Here i'm again with a fashion entry, i hope you like it, i found many beautiful things perfect for this season, as you always know in Zaful! which is my favorite online store of the moment.

Sin título #170

zaful white beach cover up with roses was something that made me so cute! it always comes perfect, you still don't have one? In Zaful there are many models. Something that fascinated me was the blouse with roses, it makes me so elegant, it's perfect for an outfit one day in the afternoon on the beach.

My Birthday ♡

Marzo es un mes bonito para mi, porque es fecha de mi cumpleaños (*/ω\) Yeiiii, debo decirles que siempre me ha gustado festejar los cumpleaños (aunque no soy de fiestas, pero si de pasteles y regalos jijiji) como fue lunes, cambie el día para salir con mi novio. 

March is a nice month for me, because it's my birthday (* / ω\) Yeiiii, i must say that I've always liked to celebrate birthdays (although I'm not partying, but i do have jijiji cakes and gifts) as it was monday , change the day to go out with my boyfriend.

me regalaron pastel de fresas con queso (amo las fresas) 
They gave me strawberry cheese cake (I love strawberries)

Zaful Dresses Love ♡

Hi, babies! me again , reporting on a new fashion entry, i did a few days ago about bathing suits but now i have this one of my favorite dresses i found in "Zaful"I know they have seen this type of dress before, the sexy bodycon dresses, they are very fashionable and they are still in trend, the truth was a garment that gave me a bit of fear, because they are always of a quite uncovered style, but in Zaful i found so many models that i liked to make cute outfits!

Sin título #163

The first was undoubtedly my favorite, i have always been elated by the garments that have details in flowers and with the black background color i think it makes the perfect combination! especially because this dress we can use it both day and night, The second is a little black dress but has details on the neck, that gives a very chic touch! It's beautiful and you can make a very girly look with it, i love it. Finally, the third, which was one of the cutest dresses i have found, is white and has details in black! It's perfect for an afternoon walk or a family meal, i think of many ways to combine it, undoubtedly the black strips make the dress stand out by itself!

" I Love Zaful ♡ "

Hello Babies! Today I have a different post, I will tell you about a store that is wonderful " Zaful " , I have really bought before on this website and also coperated with him, I have the idea to show you some clothes that are beautiful so that you know a little more about store.

Zaful Swimsuits

To start and as we are already in spring - summer has many prnedas that are essential for this season, such as swimsuits! Because who doesn't want to go to the beach? I found many that I liked a lot! They can give Clik to check the different models they handle.

The first swimsuit has floral details and is very beautiful, as now that we are in the spring flowers are a good detail to wear and always highlights the garment. In the second  swimsuit, i loved the cactus print, it was very fashionable for a while i even think that looking can find many items with details in cactus, and finally the third that is completely my style, clasic vintage, this swimsuit remember a little the ones that were used in the 50s that are very glamorous and perfect to go on vacation.