Zaful ❤ wishlist!

Ya en Junio, el tiempo pasa volando!!! en esta entrada les quiero compartir algunas cosas bonitas que me encontre en la pagina de Zaful, Luego me preguntan que donde compro ropa o cositas kawaii, bueno esta es una de las tiendas on-line que mas me gustan.

Sweeties ╰(*´︶`*)╯
Back in June, time is flying by !!! In this post i want to share some nice things that I found in the page of Zaful, Then they ask me where i buy clothes or kawaii tings, well this is one of the online stores that I like.
LarmePrincess #1

♥ Pink Croptop:

♥ Denim Skirt:

♥ Sandals:

♥ Pink Backpack:

♥ Ribbon Hat:

♥ Earrings:

♥ Chocker Necklace: