" I Love Zaful ♡ "

Hello Babies! Today I have a different post, I will tell you about a store that is wonderful " Zaful " , I have really bought before on this website and also coperated with him, I have the idea to show you some clothes that are beautiful so that you know a little more about store.

Zaful Swimsuits

To start and as we are already in spring - summer has many prnedas that are essential for this season, such as swimsuits! Because who doesn't want to go to the beach? I found many that I liked a lot! They can give Clik to check the different models they handle.

The first swimsuit has floral details and is very beautiful, as now that we are in the spring flowers are a good detail to wear and always highlights the garment. In the second  swimsuit, i loved the cactus print, it was very fashionable for a while i even think that looking can find many items with details in cactus, and finally the third that is completely my style, clasic vintage, this swimsuit remember a little the ones that were used in the 50s that are very glamorous and perfect to go on vacation.

Brown Swimsuits

Now a trend color is brown and what better to wear than in a bathing suit, i really think they look beautiful, but if we wear a beautiful hat while we have a delicious ice cream on the beach, what do you think? These i loved, they are very fashionables. I'm sure you can find more brown swimsuits on the zaful page.

The first swimsuit i liked the combination of colors that white has with brown looks very nice and also if you are brunette i think it's a color that favors a lot, it looks great in tanned skins, the color brown bronze is the most beautiful and also the asymmetric sleeve for the second swimsuit gives a perfect detail for summer, this color works for all skin types by being a little more brown. Finally the third, which is a bit more orange tone, but has the charm of a full bathing suit, these are ideal to be on the beach and have a good time by the sun, I loved the details you have to the sides because they are little ears that make the garment more fashionable.

Sin título #161

My favorites are the zaful polka dot bikini, they are very happy and super nice, no doubt perfect for summer, I thought of several beach outfits with these, would you like to see them later? I'm happy to show you such beautiful clothes as you are!

I made a small beach outfit with the one i liked the most, which was this red polkadot! I think it perfectly fulfills the requirement of vintage look, I made a set inspired by lolita style (Nymphet) I think it looks pretty good, although it can also be parsed by a Pinup style of the 50's, personally i think that this era was classic fashion more beautiful, where you had to choose carefully until what was carried in the pool, now the advantage is that we can find such lovely items in pages like Zaful, what do you think?
Sin título #162

To finish this post, they knew that there is a zaful blog? Here you can find new promotions news and many fashion tips, isn't it great? it's for this and many other reasons that i can recommend the page 100% I hope you liked this post! don't forget to visit the links of all the articles in the shop, and follow me on my social networks, thank you very much for your support and fondness babies!

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  1. beautiful blog! I really like how you write
    and what you give photos. wonderful!
    I have a question, you will agree to follow for follow?
    I like to be in touch with inspirational blogs.
    Greetings from Poland!

  2. Muy bello todo 💕 me gustaron mas los polka dot jaja. Lo único que he comprado en Zaful fue una blusa, suelo comprar mas en Romwe, lol.
    Saludos 🤗💕

  3. Están bellos!! Mis favoritos fueron el negro con flores y el de los polka dots!! *0*

  4. Me encantaron todos los trajes de baño, lastima que este año no use nada así uwu por cosa de tiempo y dinero, pero están hermosos todos , y lo mejor es que están en zaful!

  5. Me quede enamorada del ultimo traje de baño, es precioso. Yo también amo zaful, me encantan todos sus artículos :) saludos, hermosa