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Hi, babies! me again , reporting on a new fashion entry, i did a few days ago about bathing suits but now i have this one of my favorite dresses i found in "Zaful"I know they have seen this type of dress before, the sexy bodycon dresses, they are very fashionable and they are still in trend, the truth was a garment that gave me a bit of fear, because they are always of a quite uncovered style, but in Zaful i found so many models that i liked to make cute outfits!

Sin título #163

The first was undoubtedly my favorite, i have always been elated by the garments that have details in flowers and with the black background color i think it makes the perfect combination! especially because this dress we can use it both day and night, The second is a little black dress but has details on the neck, that gives a very chic touch! It's beautiful and you can make a very girly look with it, i love it. Finally, the third, which was one of the cutest dresses i have found, is white and has details in black! It's perfect for an afternoon walk or a family meal, i think of many ways to combine it, undoubtedly the black strips make the dress stand out by itself!

Sin título #164

This set is my ideal clothes, i think i'm too cute (it's very inspired by Larme Kei style) as you can see it's not necessary to buy expensive garments even with something that can't imagine that it can look like a sexy dress we can make an outfit completely cute! What do you think?

Sin título #165

You can find more, have enough dress on this website, as we are now entering spring (although i must say that the weater of my city doesn't change) I fell in love with these two dresses for perfect outfits of this time! ideal to go on field day or go on a bisiklet to ride a nice place. The red dress is perfect for a field day and combines perfectly with a hat and a nice basket bag, i really imagine it to go for a weekend walk, the other is more for a casual outing to a nice place or to go for a coffee in the afternoon!

Sin título #166

Speaking of cute clothes, blue is always fashionable, but it doesn't go more perfect all year round than in the spring season, soft fabrics, denim and plaid prints are the most perfect we can use! Besides that it looks very good, blue dresses here in Zaful, they are beautiful.


I couldn't stay without making the Outfit of the blue dress that i liked the most, what do you think? Actually i feel that you remember both the popteen models (Japanese magazine) can check! This look is perfect for this spring.

Sin título #168

We can never leave out the basics of fashion, black dresses for you! They will always be the ones who will take us out of a hurry, when you do not know what to wear and for more than you think it looks good and you do not decide, it is best to pray for a black dress. In Zaful you find several options. The best thing is that not being black has to be boring, right?
Sin título #169

That's why i made this outfit! it's not beautiful? Another of my favorites, you can really look pretty for so little, the dress only costs $14.72 usd, is super offer! The truth and i wanted to order it, it looks really cute! I also leave you this Zaful Coupon Code

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  1. Omgg such cute dresses!! The blue ones are beautiful ♥, and I loved the last outfit! :)

    See you!

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