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 Hello sweeties, it has been a while not to write, I must say that i hadn't organized well, it's not a lack of time, only that i spend a lot of time seeing beings ... well today i have a sponsor porst from the lover-beauty store

Lover-beauty is an online store where you can find many great products, from clothes to sports things and accessories. The main thing is their body shaper buttock lifter that are ideal for exercising, I love that they have many colors and varieties.


Fullbody 1        Fullbody 2      Fullbody 3

On this page they also handle many girdles not only for exercise, but also for those that are used normally to mark a better figure, especially with certain clothes where it is necessary to use them so that the underwear is not marked or that it forms a better figure, They have cheap full body shaper in many shapes, sizes and colors.

This page is directly a clothing factory, so it is not being resold, rather it is a company created where they have many people working on the designs and they send it to the whole world! The prices are in usd for easier handling and there are super accessible things!

I was talking to him that they can find other things on the page, something that I really liked was the exercise sets, the better you look, the more you want to exercise, so whenever I go to online stores it's the first thing that i see!

The pink outfit is my favorite, it looks super comfortable and I love pink things, so this became my favorite, maybe I will encourage you to order it and tell you about my experience with the purchase.

Sport Set 1    Sport Set 2     Sport Set 3

You can see many of the other things that are in lover-beauty so don't forget to check the links, they help me a lot, thank you very much for the love and support on the blog, even though I haven't been publishing so often, I send you a kiss!

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